Working with C# and Unity

So I've started using Unity and coding with C# which is new to me. Its a fantastic scripting language I am just starting to get my head around but I am thoroughly enjoying it. I am building a top down shooter for learning purposes and as it develops I will write up some posts on my thoughts/findings/experience as I go but to get started I've included a few links below to resources I've used in the project so far! Enjoy! - Fantastic place to find some game art (under the creative commons license) for those that don't have the time/skills to create your own.

Unity Docs - THE place to start when it comes to Unity scripting.

A* Pathfinding Project - This project is all about AI pathfinding for Unity and it has been an invaluable resource for my latest Unity project. Unity actually has a good solution for pathfinding in 3D however I couldnt find anything for 2D projects so was looking elsewhere when I came across this A* Pathfinding. It has a good 2D solution and strong documentation to implement the project into your game.

I will continue to update this post as I come across more resources.



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